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We have a vast genre of dictionaries to dictionary-bookschoose from. Apart from the regular dictionaries from Oxford,
Cambridge or any other publisher we help you with lot more sub genres, to name a few

  • Reverse dictionaries
  • Visual dictionaries
  • Beginners’ or Learners’ dictionaries
  • Translation dictionaries
  • Historical dictionaries

Popular Dictionary – Authors ,

  • The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
    by American Heritage Dictionary
  • 100 Words To Make You Sound Smart
    by Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries (Editor), American
  • The American Heritage Dictionary 2nd College Ed, Thumb Index
    by American Heritage
  • Word Histories and Mysteries: From Abracadabra to Zeus
    by Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries
  • Oxford English Mini Dictionary
    by Oxford Dictionaries, Oxford University Press